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Completing Buy/Sell Transaction Within 28 Days

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There are usually several possibilities, most of which are real estates purchased at auctions or hidden bids.


Most of the real estate at the auction have already prepared relevant legal documents for buyers' reference before the auction, so the transaction can be completed quickly after a successful bid.


This case study is a “Grey market” sale, and the property information must be searched after the ticket price is successfully obtained.

The original condition was to complete within 28 days. To complete the transaction in such a short period of time, the most important thing is the speed of both parties' law firms and the surveyor's building inspection report.


The surveyor is easier to solve because we have familiar and reputable surveyors who will complete the building inspection report in about two weeks.


As for the buyer's law firm that we represent, it is relatively easy to control, because they are law firms that we have cooperated with for a long time. They are very capable of responding and handling affairs. As long as they receive orders or inquiries, they respond quickly, even during the weekends and evenings, they reply to our customers and our inquiries in a short time.


The problem lies in the seller’s lawyer's office: The first two weeks are a buffer time and it is difficult to catch up with the other party. Unfortunately, the problem occurs during these two weeks as it turned out that the seller did not communicate well with their law firm and the law firm did not start any procedures at all.


After various communications, we finally persuaded the seller to change to a better law firm in three days and immediately start the buying and selling process.


In the next 28 days, all documents have been confirmed, and it is confirmed that the date of the exchange contract and the date of completion of the transaction are on the same day. But unfortunately, because of the pandemic, all documents were sent by post. Finally, the total time it took us to complete the exchange was two months.


In conclusion, under normal circumstances, it is feasible to complete the transaction within 28 days. However, the time and place must be well coordinated. We must effectively manage and monitor the progress and problems encountered by all relevant personnel and organizations, and make the best and quickest solution.


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