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House Viewing

Professional Service

Free Consultation


We offer free consultations to understand your goals, expectations and plans, then provide you with professional advice. 


Property Search

We use our professional knowledge and experience to select suitable properties for you through online platforms, private sales networks and local property agent contacts, so as to be faster and more accurate.


Property Inspection

After selecting the target property, we will inspect anything relevant, check the property status, and observe the street environment. After the inspection, we will provide an inspection report. Customers can learn about the details of the property while sitting at home and make accurate investment judgments.



We will provide you with a reference for negotiation based on the state of the property. The entire negotiation process is done by our professionals. Time difference and language barriers will not affect your investment process.


Transaction Follow-Up

From reaching a consensus on buying and selling to completing the property transaction process, we will be there to support. We will take care of all your needs in the process. We can recommend lawyers and surveyors for you, and will follow up personally if you have any questions.


Owner Support

Even after you successfully purchase a property, we can continue to provide services for you. Whether you are looking to rent it out or need maintenance, we can make appropriate arrangements to make your investment easier.

Business Meeting

Regional and Market Research and Due Diligence

Purchasing real estate is a major financial decision. It is extremely important to do research and investigation of the area where the property is located, but at the same time it is time-consuming. Using our experience and knowledge in the region, we can provide you with information and analysis to mitigate your risks. Real Estate agent professional consultants will help you screen properties to ensure value for money.

We consider the following factors for each property:
  • Property value trends and regional development

  • Economy and local market

  • Restricted development area 

  • High-speed railway

  • Transport infrastructure 

  •  Redevelopment planning application and approval

  • Mandatory acquisition

  • Future Development

  • Budget rental income 

  • Rental needs and tenant background 

  • The presence of large enterprises in the zone 

  • Crime stats and distribution

  • District facilities

  • Exit Strategies

  • Property land registration 

  • Property energy efficiency


From professional knowledge and strategic research to perfect trading and network information, learn how we can save you time, energy and provide invaluable investment advice.

To learn more, fill out the form below to get a free consultation with our professional team

If you need to contact an agent,

Please call or email us:

Cornwallis Built Asset Agency Limited ​


Tel: +852 3568 2580  (HK)

Tel: +44 7367123320 (whatsapp)

Our company keeps personal information absolutely confidential. Without the user's permission, no personal information will be disclosed to third-party companies.

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