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About Us

Since 2009, Cornwallis Built Asset Agency Limited has been screening the most suitable investment projects and homes for users and investors in different regions.

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Property Purchasing Agent

We provide investors with specialized property advisory services and create conditions for the most favorable transactions for investors.


Property Management

Our professional team can help you repack your property, find suitable tenants, or increase sales and so on. If you want to adopt a completely hands-off approach, we will also provide a project manager to supervise from start to finish.

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Transparent Fees

Our fees are completely transparent, and there will be no charges after quotation. Whether you are looking for passive income or one-time income, you can control your budget during the transaction.


From professional knowledge and strategic research to perfect trading and network information, learn how we can save you time, energy and provide invaluable investment advice.

If you need to contact an agent,

Please call or email us:

Cornwallis Built Asset Agency Limited ​


Tel: +852 3568 2580  (HK)

Tel: +44 7367123320 (whatsapp)

Our company keeps personal information absolutely confidential. Without the user's permission, no personal information will be disclosed to third-party companies.

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