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Feel free to contact us with any questions and our professional team will get back to you.

Why do I have to sign a "confidentiality agreement" in advance?

  • A confidentiality agreement is a written legal agreement in which you agree not to disclose information about our transactions in order to prevent it from being sent to unauthorized third parties. It establishes a confidential relationship between seller, buyer and PSA to protect our business, your transactions and future transactions.

Can I contact PSA even if I do not live in the UK?

  • Our Property Sourcing Agent can use online communication software such as Skype, Zoom to conduct video conferences or conduct voice conferences at mutually suitable times.

Will I be notified of the latest progress when refurbishing?

  • Yes, if you choose our project management option, we will send you updates and reports on the progress of the property, or according to your requirements.

Do I need to show proof of funds to PSA?

  • Yes, since PSA is a fully regulated business, we are supervised by HMRC's anti-money laundering activities. Therefore, we are legally obligated to conduct customer due diligence (CDD) based on money laundering, terrorist financing and fund transfers (customer information).

How to charge for resource supply?

  • ​Our service is transparent, we charge a percentage of the purchase price. When we notify you of a property transaction, we will list the breakdown of key costs, such as: purchase price, renovation estimate, stamp duty and our fees, so that there are no hidden or other charges! Our fees are currently not subject to VAT.

When does the service fee expire?

  • The first time you view the apartment, you will pay the inspection fee, and Offer accept will pay the service fee.

Is the booking fee refundable?

  • According to our terms, a partial refund is possible.

How is the project management fee charged?

  • This is a customized service. If you want to know more about how to benefit, please contact us to discuss and we will provide a quotation upon request.

Can I use my own lawyer and builder?

  • Yes, we will only provide our team members when you need them. If you already have your own lawyers and builders and are satisfied with their services, that would be great. For example, if you don’t have a mortgage broker or surveyor, please let us know and we can provide you to fill the gaps in your team. Otherwise, we can simply "provide you with resources" without any other services.

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