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Is it possible to buy the perfect property or a real estate below the market price?

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Simply put, it is impossible!


The main reasons are: 

  1. The market information of the first or second-hand property is very public, and the transaction price and current price are very easy to obtain and compare.

  2. The cooling-off period for transactions is very long, and it takes an average of two to three months to officially exchange contracts.

  3. The development of third-party professional services is quite vigorous and mature.

In depth, it is actually possible!


  1. Many subjective factors, such as different decoration tastes lead to different values.

  2. Different levels of professionalism lead to different costs. For example, the construction cost of large developers will be cheaper than regular people.

  3. Different views on market prospects lead to high and low bidding prices during competition.



So to put it simply, property sales must meet the market's public information analysis and personal needs in order to purchase suitable properties.


From professional knowledge and strategic research to perfect trading and network information, learn how we can save you time, energy and provide invaluable investment advice.

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