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Why Choose a Property Agency?

Every day, there are global real estate investors such as yourself who believe that we can help gain the highest return from UK real estate investments.

  • We act as a UK real estate middleman. Unlike other traditional developers, we can provide you with fully customized, complete and suitable solutions. Our services cover the entire range of real estate needs

  • No matter where you are located, we will provide you with customer service to keep you informed at every stage of your investment

  • Our real estate investment in the UK has already brought substantial returns to many global investors .

Start your journey today and plan your most suitable solution with us.

What We Do

Provide personalized investment strategy analysis and tailor-made investment plans, making it easy for you to invest in property

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"Case Studies - The Guarantee of Our Confidence"

How Can We Help You?

Although we put a lot of information on the site, we are sure you will want to learn more. Please leave us your message or question below and one of our professional partners will contact you!


From professional knowledge and strategic research to perfect trading and network information, learn how we can save you time, energy and provide invaluable investment advice.

To learn more, fill out the form below to get a free consultation with our professional team

Our company keeps personal information absolutely confidential. Without the user's permission, no personal information will be disclosed to third-party companies.

Residential Homes

"Customer Satisfaction is the result of our hard work"

Purchasing Process

Cornwallis Built Asset Agency Limited provides compliant procurement services. We look for properties that are below market value and complete the transaction process for investors

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Set Budget

Buyers guide timeline-11.png
Buyers guide timeline-02.png

Mortgage Property

Buyers guide timeline-03.png

Book Suitable Property

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Buyers guide timeline-04.png

Property Quotation

Buyers guide timeline-05.png

Legal Advice

Buyers guide timeline-11.png
Buyers guide timeline-06.png

Search and Survey

Buyers guide timeline-11.png
Buyers guide timeline-07.png

Exchange Contract

Buyers guide timeline-08.png

Arrange Moving

Buyers guide timeline-11.png

Starting Package

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Buyers guide timeline-11.png
Buyers guide timeline-10.png

Handover Completion


Contact Us


UK office

Reading, Earley 

Hong Kong office 

Unit 6, 11/F, Yale Industrial Centre, 61- 63 Au Pui Wan Street, Sha Tin, N.T., Hong Kong

If you need to contact an agent,

Please call or email us:

Cornwallis Built Asset Agency Limited ​


Tel: +852 3568 2580  (HK)

Tel: +44 7367123320 (whatsapp)

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